Our Company Values

Quality Design. Creative Mindset. Out-of-the-box Ideas.

We like to do things differently. We like to take a fresh approach instead of going on the beaten path. Every brief received from our clients, every special project we commit to is an opportunity to bring our creativity into the mix in order to deliver outstanding results. Get in touch with us and discover a new way of doing things: the Ingenium Media way.

Our Story

We were born to change the way you view media.

Why New Media? Because in today's complex environment, new methods of advertising need efficient solutions, creativity and measurable results. Because direct communication and ingenuity will always bring quality products, which will give the final identity for the client. Because we've succeeded, until now, in delivering professional results, as can be seen from our portfolio. Because we understand the value, not the price. And last, but not least, because media is also a form of art. Regardless of the project, the deadlines which have to be met and the client's requests, our team will always deliver.

Custom-made solutions

We tailor your road to success.

The secrets of marketing success? We master all of them as our experts are always ready for new challenges. For us, there is no "can't do". Whenever you think you've reached a dead-end, we'll come up with an efficient workaround so you can get where you want to be. We'll turn any idea into reality.